PLME_7.0.ino: For Module 01M11V0 MNV Adjust

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PLME_7.0.ino: For Module 01M11V0 MNV Adjust

Note: Rather than an example, this is a programme to be run to adjust parameters and compensate for errors.

This program made by runs on an arduino UNO, MEGA and others,
The aim of this program is to adjust and calibrate the lambda module (Controlduino 01M11V00), to compensate for errors, as well as to modify the module parameters in the non-volatile memory, so that they are not erased at Power on reset.
Adjustment and calibration is used to eliminate all errors such as: pressure variation with height, manufacturing tolerances of the wideband lambda sensor and the module ..... adjusting the air to 20.95% oxygen.
The values of the non-volatile memory of the module are set to make the following adjustments:
• Set the filtering value.
• Set the auto-off time of the module.
• Enable/disable the pressure compensation.
• Adjustment and calibration parameters.

Hardware required to use this software:
• Arduino board
• Lambda module and wires.(Controlduino 01M11V00)
• Wideband lambda probe
• Power supply (V=12v, I>=2A)
On the website you can find all the information about the lambda modules and Shield and other modules.
To use this software you need to have installed the "Lambda" library which can be downloaded at:
In the store you can purchase, lambda shields and lambda modules, sensors, and other modules.
In the following link you can download all the arduino files, smartphone APPs, data sheets about the board, and probes... :
If you have any questions or want to share your projects you can do it in the forum: